2017-06-05 19:03:58

Global Exhibitions Day 2017 is an invitation for everyone to celebrate the outstanding value of our industry and to share that with one single and cohesive voice. Global Exhibitions Day is not a single event, but a combination of all our efforts together.

Everyone in the exhibition industry can make a difference, by getting involved and taking part, whether as an individual, a company or an association. Anything you do will contribute to the greater impact of #GED17, and will help us all promote our exhibition industry globally. Join the global exhibition community.

What can you do to support #GED17?

Get in touch with your local GED partner associations*

Integrate the #GED17 logo to your email signature

Film a ‘highlights’ video from behind the scenes in your company

Partner with regional events to promote #GED17

Add the #GED17 logo to your printed & online materials

(brochures, flyers, badges, banners, website etc.)

Share quotes / interviews from your staff and clients on their highlights of working within the exhibition industry. Eg. what was their best exhibition experience or the most significant moment in their career

Share your #GED17 activities with your local trade publications

Plan an event on 7 June 2017 and share your activities through social media and with UFI.

For more ideas visit and take a look at the “ideas factory”.

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